The smokehouse
of Magdalen Islands.

Since 1952

The artisanal process of smoking fish, passed down from father to son, ensures the quality and authenticity of Fumoir d'Antan products.

A pot of marinated smoked herring

our products.

Difficile de résister à toute notre gamme de produits boucanés, fumés et marinés sur place. Que vous soyez amateur de poissons ou de fruits de mer, vous tomberez sous le charme de nos produits au goût si caractéristique.

Smoked herring, salmon and scallops
Smoked herring, salmon and scallops

Our history
to your plate

Our history to your plate
Our history to your plate

The pleasure of the table is also a value transmitted from generation to generation among us. The dining room and kitchen are filled with plenty of history and good occassions.

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The Fumoir d'Antan is located in the exceptional setting of the Magdalen Islands. Superb sandy beaches, red sandstone cliffs, green dunes, and legendary Madelinots hospitality. Let our beautiful part of the country seduce you!